UC Browser Cloud Storage Service: Your Gateway to 20GB Free Storage

In the modern digital era where data is simple and the space for storage is oftentimes scarce, having the privilege to avail of a data saving cloud storage is a real breakthrough. CUD Browser, which is the speed and capacity is famous, comes with a cloud storage space of 20GB. To help you enjoy all the benefits of UC Browser cloud storage, this article bids you farewell but, don’t be anxious. Here you will get a comprehensive overview of the process of cloud storage utilization.

UC Browser Cloud Storage

Introduction to UC Browser Cloud Storage

UC Browser’s cloud hosting platform is feature-rich and it shall be the go-to for you for storing, accessing, and managing digital files as the demand for these services grows with time. More convenient and secure cloud storage can also be added to UC Browser with UC cloud storage that allows you to store and access various types of files such as documents, photos, videos, and more from any device that has an internet connection.

Benefits of Using UC Browser Cloud Storage


UC application cloud storage gives you a wonderful privilege to get his files from any place in the world no matter what device he is using, but the only condition is having an internet connection. Whether you are at home, in the office, or on the move, you can effortlessly access all types of files including documents, photos, and many others with just a view of clicks or touch presses. 

Storage Space

The Cloud storage of UC Browser has one impeccable option, i. e.  fourteen gigs of storage space that is provided for free. This comprehensive number of spots can be used to keep files that are very numerous and therefore you do not have to worry about the lack of space. Among them documents of high importance, amazing videos with high res, cloud service provided by UC Browser covers all. 


We’ve built UC Browser, UC Browser cloud storage and UC Browser perfectly synchronize to provide you with a cohesive browsing as well as file management experience. This integration brings the benefits of cloud storage into the Internet browser/web browser interface.  Therefore, you can upload, download and manage their files directly from the browser interface.  This means that they don’t have the need to switch to different computing applications. 


In regards to cloud storage, security is the first and foremost factor to be considered while the data involves, sensitive or confidential. Being well-known for its security, the cloud storage of UC Browser ensures the data confidentiality through the application of advanced encryption protocols to prevent the file leaking. UC Browser you will have this cloud storage to have no regrets regarding personal files since they are always guarded for their eyes. 

How do access UC Browser cloud storage

For members to have it easy to download files into their UC Browser Cloud Storage, doubt it, is my last thought. This cloud storage has more beneficial functions than keeping your vital documents only at home on your computer.  Your files can be saved, sorted, and received whenever and wherever you have the Internet connection. Below are the steps to access UC Browser Cloud Storage: By following here is the navigation; you will be able to access UC Browser’s storage for documents. 

Creating an Account

Let us first go through the initial stages in order to access the UC Browser Cloud Storage. It is imperative that we first create an account. The users may do this by downloading UC in their device and then, go to the cloud storage part. They would take the next step, where they would be directed to the sign up page. The registration process takes a few quick steps, you will be asked to enter only your basic information (for instance, email and password).

Logging In

After the account sign-up, users, through their credentials, can log in to the UC Browser cloud storage dashboard. The log in takes no more than one second. Logging in the Web-page will grant you the permission of your files and you are able to do lots of tasks that include uploading, downloading and managing files.

Navigating the Dashboard

After logging in, a user will be welcomed to UC Browser with our Cloud Storage dashboard. There, they may access all their files, put them into folders, and complete various tasks, like adding and removing files as well as sharing them with other Facebook friends

Uploading Files

To upload files to UC Browser Cloud, a user just needs to click on the uploading button and then he is requested to choose the files that he wants to upload. As users prefer, they can upload files by dragging them through the browser window to plan it easily.

Security & Privacy Settings

Among UC Browser Cloud Storage’s top priorities are user data security and privacy, which it provides users with the advanced encryption protocols as well as the customizable privacy options. Users will be allowed to set their privacy preferences depending on whether certain files will be available for particular people and on what level authorization they would get. 

Basically, using or accessing the UC Browser Cloud Storage is very easy and handy that allows users to store, keep, or retrieve their files safely no matter what place they are in and when they want. Whether you are a student, or a professional, or just to the general user, UC Cloud Space will offer you a reliable and convenient storage solution in Cloud for all your needs. 

Comparison with Amazon Cloud Storage

Every time individuals searching for a cloud storage service will be greeted by a large number of choices, and each one of them will advertise that they are the best with the most unique and astonishing amazements. Accordingly we will compare UC Browser Cloud Storage with the most widely used Cloud storing services.

Comparison Factors

  • Storage Space: The service UC Browser Cloud Storage gives users up to 20 GB of storage space that can often rank with the most popular cloud services. Though some group plans would offer more data for a particular fee, UC Browser’s noteworthy free limit is perhaps adequate for most subscribers.
  • Integration: The incorporation of cloud storage into UC Browser is one of most prominent benefits.  You will see, it’s perfectly synced. The plug-in makes it possible for the browsers’ users to enter their cloud storage directly from the browser tab where the needed file is  stored so that no time is needed to transfer between different programs.
  • Security: Security always comes first for the UC Browser Cloud Storage, which is using the most advanced encryption protocols and other protection measures to ensure that users’ information are only accessible by them. To add to this, UC Browser gives users multiple choices to modify their personal privacy settings to determine who can access their data and what level of permissions.
  • Ease of Use: UC Browser cloud storage is highly recommended for those who care about the usability because of its simple interface where the users could upload, sort, and then share files without any problems. The platforms’ intuitiveness and simplicity is its biggest attribute, which allows people with different abilities to use it.
  • Additional Features: Additionally to file saving and handling functions, UC Browser Cloud Storage provides some extra features which make it a more powerful tool for users. One can make use of such services as downloads, collaboration, and intricate security options like two-factor authentication.

Final Verdict

In short, The Cloud Storage by UC Browser is a dependable tool for storing, arranging, and retrieving critical files, with high security and convenience. As the browser can offer up to 20GB of free storage space, it is straightforward for users to integrate with UC Browser, has security features and is also friendly to use.  Thus, in terms of UC Browser Cloud Storage and individuals and businesses, it is one of the top choices. 

UC Browser Cloud Storage being our recommendation for strong user experience, large storage capacity, effortless interfacing, advanced security features and collaboration options is very much the best choice to make. UC Browser Cloud is a Storage feature which gives you the option of storing, managing and accessing your files with ease, knowing it is safe whenever you need it.


Though, UC Browser cloud storage provided users with up to 20 GB of free storage space as well.

Yes, You do not need to download all files to your current device, you can access your UC Browser cloud storage on any device with internet connection

However, the possibilities of storing bigger files like Videos are limited. This means that most common file types like images, texts and contacts can be uploaded without any problem..

UC Browser encrypts data with a strong encryption algorithm as underlying architecture to maintain the security and privacy of users’ customized content in the cloud.

Right now, the user can get up to 20GB free storage space but with no chance to upgrade for the need of a premium account providing more disk space.

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